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Fall 2001

Work in Progress: Bay of Pigs veterans and drug smuggling

Update of June '97

Judi Bari has died, but her legacy of activism and her lawsuit against the FBI continues.

Update of December '96

We've added some Technology Experiments and will be adding more as time permits.

More Iran/contra documents were added during this time, including the summary from the Office of the Independent Counsel. A facet of the scandal that was glossed over by the corporate media is the documented relationship between cocaine traffickers and the Nicaraguan contras. Read the testimony of one congressional investigator, and explore the San Jose Mercury News website that re-opened the issue in the fall of 1996.

Also, in the update of November 1996, Earth First!'s Judi Bari summarizes some of the important new information revealed in the course of the discovery process leading to her court case against the FBI. Despite repeated attempts by the FBI to delay or dismiss the case, it continues to go forward.

Update of 11October1996

In the trial of Oliver North, the U.S. government acknowledged that the attached 107 statements regarding Iran/contra were true. Details involvement of foreign countries and the various enticements offered to them to support the contras..

Update of 23 September1996

Added an image from Oliver North's notebooks that describes a plane, used for both contra operations and drug-running.

Update of 07 April 1996

The Inslaw page has a link to Altavista so you can look at other articles on the Web relating to this case. Expect to see me add more of this type of link in the future (and be prepared to be overwhelmed by the amount of information available).

Update of 02 March 1996

A new section in the COINTELPRO section has scanned in images of the FBI's efforts against actress Jean Seberg.

In response to repeated harassment of CIABASE author Ralph McGehee, we've posted his recounting of these incidents.

Update of 21 January 1996

Added off-site links to the following pages:

Jump page, Drug Policy, Iraqgate, First Church of the Last Laugh

Added Police Report in bombing of Earth First! activist Judi Bari.

Played around with background color on a few pages.

Update of 20 December 1995


Read this Senate Staff Report or
browse the
Gulf War Veterans' Resource Page

Update of 17 November 1995

Human Radiation Experiments
Press Release from the American Institute of Physics. A copy of the report, with additional materials, will be available on Internet at http://www.seas.gwu.edu/nsarchive/radiation.

Electronic Surveillance Project
Association of National Security Alumni
December 1992

Psychological Operations in Guerilla Warfare
One of the CIA's illegal training manuals for the Nicaraguan contras. It advises the "Armed Propaganda Teams" on ways to justify the assassination of civilians, use blackmail and professional criminals to destabilize a country.

Now available via a search form, this database was created by Ralph McGehee, a 25-year veteran of the Central Intelligence Agency.

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