The Arming of Iraq

Christopher Drogoul
The manager of the Atlanta branch of Banca Nazionale del Lavoro testifies before the House Banking Committee on how his bank supplied Iraq with billions of dollars illegally. In the testimony he answer a few questions put to him by the committee members.

Judge Marvin Shoob
In his first ruling, which allowed Christopher Drogoul to withdraw his guilty plea, Judge Shoob reveals some of the evidence that shows that this was an embarrassing case for both the US and Italian governments.

Further Ruling by Judge Shoob
In response to a defense and Government request to reduce sentencing for the BNL defendants, Judge Shoob issues this order, showing that the Italian bank was not an innocent victim.
Gonzalez Report #4
Indicates the involvement of Kissinger Associates, Scowcroft, the financial interests that kept the scandal going.

You will also want to download Howard Teicher's affidavit. As an NSA aide, Teicher was intimately aware of the covert US relatioship with Iraq. While you're at it, visit Lisa Pease's Real History ftp site.

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