Documents related to
the Iran/contra affair

The Contras and Cocaine
This is a portion from the Kerry Cmte. document on Drugs, Law Enforcement and Foreign Policy.
Ollie's Drug Plane
In recent (September '96) days Oliver North has stated that claims of Nicaraguan contra drug running are 'absolute garbage'. A page from his own notebooks disproves this.
Psychological Operations in Guerilla Warfare
One of the CIA's illegal training manuals for the contras. It advises the "Armed Propaganda Teams" on ways to justify the assassination of civilians, use blackmail and professional criminals to destabilize a country.
of the Report of the Independent Counsel for Iran/contra matters.
Interim Report to Congress
Judge Walsh's 3rd report to Congress.
The Weinberger Indictment
The first indictment of Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger.
Government Stipulations
In the trial of Oliver North, the U.S. government acknowledged that the attached 107 statements regarding Iran/contra were true. Details involvement of foreign countries and the various enticements offered to them to support the contras.

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